Types of Labs Offered at MITI

Advanced Laparoscopy– We offer a full range of laparoscopic labs such as, hysterectomy, myomectomy,  colorectal, cholecystectomy, nephrectomy, ect.  We have 10 Stryker HD laparoscopic towers on site. Orthopedic joint replacements (total joints) – Hip, knee, ankle joint replacement using the latest techniques and implant systems.
Bariatric Surgery Orthopedic – Sports
Breast Surgery Otolaryngology
Cardiac Surgery Spinal Cord Stimulation: (Pain Management)cadaver practice on trial and implant techniques for spinal cord stimulation and targeted drug delivery.
General Surgery Surgical Oncology
Gynecology Thoracic Surgery
CME(Continuing Medical Education) – We are partnered with IMET, a CME company, to hold continuing medical education courses multiple times throughout the year. Trauma – Courses for emergency medical professionals learning how to reconstruct the human body after a traumatic accident.
Gynecology Oncology Urology
Arthroscopy – Minimally invasive repair of soft tissue damage. Plastics/reconstructive – plastic surgeons come to learn how to help people who have had a traumatic accident or a disease process that may have left an abnormality.
ENT (ear, nose, & throat) – We hold labs for neurosurgeons to practice key hole brain surgery.
Spinal implants/screws – using cadaveric specimens to implant spinal fusion devices such as pedicle screws and interbody cages for treatment of spinal deformities